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Utah Ice Fishing

What's Frozen

We are now on the front end of the 2018-19 ice fishing season. Small, high elevation waters will freeze during the next few weeks. We'll list them here as we hear they are frozen.

Scofiled is usually the first major water to freeze, usually about the first of Dec.

Strawberry is usually solid by mid-Dec or Christmas.

Fish Lake usually has solid ice around New Years.

Bear Lake may or may not freeze. The cisco run starts in mid-January and about half the time there is ice.

Flaming Gorge freeze on the upper end, and usually supports ice fishing down toward Lucerne. Bays on the Utah side may freeze but the main lake seldom does.

What's New

Pelican Lake Treatment Postponed

Pelican Lake will not be treated with rotenone until October 2018. Details.

Lake Trout Record Revoked

The huge catch-and-release lake trout recently hauled in at Flaming Gorge, mentioned below, will not stand as a Utah record because the guy's license had expired the day before he caught the fish. Details here.

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Food For Camping

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Guided Tours

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