By Tom Nokes

The Matuka streamer is a very useful and durable streamer that may be fished in both lakes and streams on a fly rod or a spinning rod. This fly is also very popular trolled behind pop gear.

We prefer this fly tied with matching wing and body. You may decide that you would prefer a contrast and this will work as well.

The traditional pattern calls for streamer/neck hackle for the wing, however, we prefer the rounded body feathers or hen neck hackle. This seems to give the fly a better silhouette while using fewer feathers. Also, some tyer's put a red chenille throat in the front 1/3 of the fly. This is an especially nice addition on the black pattern.

Hook: Mustad 9672 or Dai-Rika 700

Size: 4 to 8

Thread: Red monocord

Body: Medium Chenille – Your color choice.

Ribbing: Heavy gold wire – 28 gauge

Wing: Body feathers or hen neck hackle – your choice of color.

Hackle: To match the wing.

Step 1: Tie in ribbing and chenille. Wrap chenille forward to the head. Tieback.

Step 2: Select and tie in at least three feathers for the wing. Wing should extend past the end of the hook 1/2 of the hook length.

Step 3: Stand the hackle barbs up by pulling them back towards the eye of the hook. Then take your first wrap with the ribbing, and continue to the front. Tie off.

Step 4: Add the hackle and finish the head into a smooth wedge shape. Whip finish and cement the head.