By Tom Nokes

Leeches are found in nearly every lake or pond across the country, and are a primary food source for many species of fish. This pattern may be tied in a variety of basic colors and several that do not resemble the actual critter, such as purple. My favorite colors are olive, brown and black. We add a few strands of flash to the tails as an attractor.

Hook: Mustad 9671 or Dai-Rika 700

Size: 6 to 12

Thread: To match body color

Tail: Marabou – Preferably blood quill, about the length of the body.

Body: Any available leech yarn color to match tail.

Step 1: Tie in tail. If the tail is longer than the length of the hook the fish will short strike the fly. If flash is desired, tie it in at this point.

Step 2: Tie in the leech yarn and wrap forward to the head and tie it off. A second bunch of marabou may be tied in over the top of the body for additional action.

Step 3: Whip finish and cement head. Then use a piece of Velcro to comb out the body.