This fly should be fished next to floating beds or just above submerged weed beds. I use a 9' to 14' leader. I have landed some extremely large fish on this fly. Tie a lot of them because when hooked, the fish will take you right into the weed beds. This fly is fun to tie; it floats like a cork; and even your non-fly fishing friends sill recognize exactly what it represents. Have fun and catch and release!

Hook: # 12 dry

Thread: Blue or olive

Hackle Post: 1/4" strip of blue or green sheet foam (found in the craft section at Wal Mart)

Body: 1/4" strip of sheet foam colored with black marker

Thorax: 1/4" strip foam

Hackle: Grizzly or blue dun, parachute style

Eyes: Glass beads (blue or olive) held together with melted monofilament

Tie in hackle post foam at 60% mark. Bring thread to rear of hook. Wrap thread to form small ball; this will lift foam body slightly. Tie in foam for body. Bring thread forward, tie in hackle at base of hackle post. Bring thread forward to eye tie in area. Take thorax foam and wrap around hook forward to hackle tie in area, holding hackle out of way. Keep wrapping body foam forward to eye area. Tie off, trim. Wrap hackle around hackle post 4-5 wraps, tie off. Using your fingers, stroke hackle fibers back. Pull hackle post tightly forward, tie off. Trim just slightly forward of hook eye. Tie in eyes by x-ing. Whip finish, cement.