By Tom Nokes

It's hard to determine who first thought of using foam as a material for terrestrials, but who ever it was should be commended. This product makes your flies float very well and is durable besides. This pattern is a favorite of the Uinta fishermen and can also be used on any stream, or lake for that matter, bordered by trees or grassy banks. Trout will accept this fly especially in the fall as they put on weight for winter.

Hook: Mustad 94840 or Dia-Riki 305

Size: 10 to 16

Thread: Black

Foam back. Black

Underbody: Troutsmen black stone dubbing

Legs: Black hackle

This pattern is one that allows you to mix and match your component colors. Be creative.

Step 1: Tie in a flat strip of foam on the back of the hook.

Step 2: Tie in an oversized webby feather.

Step 3: Dubb the body into a fat football shape and wind the hackle through the body similar to a woolly worm.

Step 4: Trim the hackle short on top and in a wedge shape on the bottom.

Step 5: Pull the foam over the top forming a shell. Tie this off and stand the foam up. Tie in front to, force the foam to remain standing. Whip finish and trim the foam to form a large head.