All summer we have wanted to travel to Fish Lake, and we finally had the opportunity the weekend of Aug. 10. Joyce had a prior commitment for that weekend (and I think she was still pooped from our Portland trip) so she still doesn't have trout breath on her lure!

Seven of us packed up our camping gear and set out for yet another adventure! There was Pat Ingoldsby, June Christensen, Kathy Romero, Jean Thorum, Debbie Briggs, my husband Richard and me (Of course, the other fishermen wondered at his "Harem"!).

Jean, Debbie and Kathy arrived early Friday morning and discovered that there were few spaces available in the campgrounds! We decided, after being forced to stay in separate campsites, that it's a good idea to reserve these spots far in advance! Live and learn!

Kathy Romero, Jean and Debbie were early on the water. As I was talking to them before they went out fishing, we saw a gentleman bring in a 26-lb. Mac! That really got our blood pumping a t6:30 A.M.! This fish was magnificent and started us hoping for a big trophy! Of course, the man with the fish would not divulge his secret � said that he caught it on "a hook"!

By the time Pat, June, Richard and I started fishing, Jean and the rest had caught some fine rainbows! They were still-fishing with Power Bait and worms and pulling them in left and right!

We started trolling with pop gear and lures, worms, and we put June's line out with a fly, trolling on top. We had a variety of different succulent treats for the fish, and we figured one would do the trick!

Richard caught the first fish! It was a nice rainbow about 12" long and really got us excited. June caught the next one and her squeals could be heard for at least 5 miles, we're sure!

June hadn't caught a fish in 26 years until she hooked that one on her fly, and she was really excited. She won't use worms because she has a real fear of them, (maybe because of all the times I chased her with them) so, since she is my Mom, I accommodated her by tipping her streamer with a bit of worm. She promised to try baiting her own hook the next day, but just couldn't quite do it - she left the surgical gloves at home that she was going to use to pick up those squirmy buggers! From now on she'll be carrying them in her tackle box, as I figure my "worm duty" is over.

By 2 p.m. we had all caught fish and decided to go in for brunch. The clouds were forming and it was starting to thunder - and being on a boat in lightning is not my idea of smart! June had the largest fish of the day - beginners luck - so she was happy, and we decided to let the storm pass and go out later.

After dinner, we once again trolled for our finny prey, but only came up with one more fish. So, we headed back to camp and lit a great campfire and kicked back and enjoyed the deer romping in the meadow below us.

We saw two osprey nests and a fledgling osprey that was learning to fly, with the assistance of his parents, of course. We saw a large herd of deer and squirrels and chipmunks and gorgeous wildflowers! The stars at night were so close you could touch them and it was so peaceful - just what we were there for!

The next day we were on the water early, but only June caught a fish - again - and the clouds were really rolling in! So, we went back to camp at 10 a.m. and cooked up all of those fish we had caught, had a wonderful feast, and left just as the rain started to fall!

Most of us had never been to Fish Lake, and those that had still marveled along with us at the beauty of this lake. You can be sure that we all will be going back!