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Campgrounds information

Abes Reservoir - Contains cutthroat trout. This is a good fishery except by mid summer the entire surface of the lake is covered with duckweed. There is a lot of brush and dead wood in and around the reservoir that also makes fishing tough. There are no roads in to this lake. Get a good topographic map and use it to find the best way in.

Boobe Hole - On private property. No fish.

Broadhead Lakes - No fish.

Cold Springs Pond - Stocked with rainbow trout. Just off the road so it receives fairly heavy pressure. This is a beautiful little pond surrounded by big quaking aspen. Primitive camping nearby.

Farnsworth Reservoir - Stocked with rainbow trout and some brookies. This is a popular lake that receives heavy use. Primitive camping in the area.

Fish Lake - Contains lake trout, splake, rainbow, perch. Lake trout grow to just over 20 pounds. Generally good fishing for splake (especially through the ice in the winter) and for fat rainbows. Fish the weed beds that ring the lake for the perch. Several modern campgrounds, resorts, stores, restaurant, boat ramps, marinas, cabin rentals. Very popular area. Generally very good fishing.

Forsyth Reservoir - Has been restocked with splake and tiger trout (it was drained twice for dam repairs) and should be fair to good fishing by fall, after the fish have had a chance to grow a little. No boat ramp. Primitive camping. One outhouse. No culinary water.

Fremont River - Good fishing for browns, rainbow, splake and tiger trout between Johnson Valley and Mill Meadows reservoirs. Most of the hybrids will be in the lower reaches of the stream. Generally good access along Forest Service road 36 but there is lots of brush and trees along the stream in some areas.

Gates Pond - Stocked with brook and rainbow trout. These are popular ponds that receive fairly heavy use. Primitive camping.

Gooseberry Creek - Small stream stocked with catchable rainbow. Heavy use near the Gooseberry Campground but generally not fished much away from the campground. Generally good fishing.

Hamilton Reservoir - Stocked with brook trout. Fish are hard to catch here but when you catch one, it's big. You'll have to walk in to this one as the road is closed off. Primitive camping.

Harves River Pond - Has a good population of naturally reproducing brook trout. Lots of pan-sized fish that are easy to catch. Primitive camping.

Johnson Valley Reservoir - Good rainbow fishery but it is starting to have problems with suckers and yellow perch (moved into Johnson from Fish Lake). There is a boat ramp and there are several campgrounds near by.

Koosharem Reservoir - Stocked with rainbow trout. The rainbows grow fast here and trout over three pounds are caught each year. Primitive camping with a couple of outhouses near the banks of the reservoir. Receives fairly heavy use. No good boat ramps but small boats are launched from the bank.

Lake Creek - Limited rainbow fishery that flows between Fish Lake and Johnson Valley Reservoir. The upper end is dry by fall. The end near Johnson Reservoir is best. Extremely marshy.

Lost Creek Reservoir - Drained each year. No fish.

Lost Creek - Above Rex Reservoir: all private property. No trespassing. Below Rex Reservoir is a nice brown trout stream. The road along Lost Creek and in to Rex Reservoir is extremely slick when wet.

Lake Louise (Aberdunk) - Stocked with brook and cutthroat trout. Generally good fishing. No roads, hike in. This lake is fairly hard to find. Get some good topographic maps to find it. Primitive camping.

Rex Reservoir - Cutthroats and rainbows up to two pounds. Lots of nice fish in this water. Gets fairly heavy use. No boat ramp. Car-toppers only. Primitive camping with one outhouse, no tables or water.

Salina Reservoir - Stocked with brook and rainbow trout. Drained down some years so sometimes fish don't overwinter. Generally best in the fall after the fish planted in the spring have had a chance to grow.

7-Mile Creek - Beautiful small stream that flows into Johnson Valley Reservoir. This stream is not stocked and contains a wild brook trout fishery.

Sheep Valley Reservoir - Drained regularly. Not managed as a fishery. No fish.

Twin Ponds - Stocked with catchable rainbows and brook trout. Receives heavy pressure. The road into these two ponds has been blocked off and they are now reached by about a half mile hike.

The quaking aspen in this area have root rot and the forest service has knocked most of them down. There are logs lying all over the place and it's a mess right now. A sign near the turn-off to Twin Ponds reads: "The older quakies in this popular camping area developed root rot. Trees were falling regularly during wind storms, threatening camper's property and lives. These trees were removed so camping could continue along the Twin Ponds road. You are welcome to camp in this location and use the down logs and limbs for firewood. Please protect the standing trees. Avoid the surrounding area, where large trees are still standing, during wind storms. This area will be open for removal of 'free firewood' from August 14 - August 31. People holding valid firewood permits issued at the local Fish Lake National Forest offices may remove firewood for personal use at any time. We ask for your help and support in cleaning up this area. Your cooperation is appreciated. More information is available from, and comments are welcomed by, Ted. V. Fitzgerald, District Ranger, 115 E. 900 N., Richfield, Utah 84701 or by telephone at 435-896-9233."

UM Creek - Upstream of Forsyth Reservoir contains Colorado cutthroat and tiger trout. As the cutthroat become established, the planting of tigers will be discontinued. Special regulations on this section. Artificial flies and lures only. Closed to the possession of cutthroat trout or trout with cutthroat markings. Trout limit is four fish on the tigers. Between Forsyth and Mill Meadow there are no special regulations. This section contains a mix of browns, tigers, splake, brownbows, cutthroat and rainbows. There is quite a bit of brush along both sections of the stream and fishing can be difficult in those areas. Generally good fishing. There is some private land above Forsyth Reservoir. Check to see if it is posted before trespassing.

Willies Flat reservoir - Shallow reservoir that is drained regularly. Not managed as a fishery. No fish.


There are six campgrounds in the area:

Bowery - 31 family units and 12 group units. Half the camp sites are available on a first-come first-served basis. Reservations are not required for these sites. All other sites are reservation only. Tables, fire rings, water, restrooms and showers, dump station, garbage bins. No electrical or sewer hookups. Camping is limited to 10 days. Pets are required to be on a leash. ATV's are not allowed in the campground.

Doctor Creek - This is a group area with two units. This is for large groups and is booked by reservation only. Elevation 8800 feet. At Fish Lake. Restrooms only.

Frying Pan - 11 family units and one group unit. Tables, restrooms, water. Camping is limited to 14 days. Pets are required to be on a leash. ATV's are not allowed in the campground.

Gooseberry - Five family units and one group unit. Tables and restrooms. Elevation 7,800 feet. On Gooseberry Creek.

Mackinaw - 53 family units and 15 group units. Half the camp sites are available on a first-come first-served basis. Reservations are not required for these sites. All other sites by reservation only. Tables, fire rings, water, restrooms and showers, dump station, garbage bins. No electrical or sewer hook-ups. Camping is limited to 10 days. Pets are required to be on a leash. ATV's are not allowed in the campground.

Piute Parking Area - 48 family units. Some units for 30-day occupancy. Elevation 8,700 feet.

Tasha - 10 family units and one group unit. Restrooms only. This campground is designed for camping with horses. Elevation 9,000 feet.

Twin Creek - Three family units and two group units. At Fish Lake. Elevation 8800 feet. Tables and restrooms.

  1. For reservations contact the USFS Reservation Center at (800) 280-2267. Fees are charged for each site and are non-refundable.
  2. Single site: $8.65
  3. Multiple site: $17.35
  4. Group site: $17.35
  5. Half the campsites are available on a first-come first-served basis. If you want to gamble on one of these sites come early as they fill up fast, especially on weekends.

Road Creek Inn in Loa

If you want some first rate lodging, away from the crowds and only 15 miles from the lake, stay at the Road Creek Inn in Loa. This is our favorite place to stay and if you don't mind blowing your diet for a month, order the spare ribs at the Inn restaurant - wow are they good!

  • Cable TV
  • Game Room
  • Spa
  • Trophy trout ponds
  • Rainbow, brook, steelhead
  • Quail, pheasant, chuckar hunting
  • Sporting clay course
  • Mountain bikes
  • Cattle drives
  • Facilities to accommodate large groups and family reunions.

For reservations call the Inn at (800) 388-7688.