(Note: This fishing report was submitted by Loren Brooks)

The White Bass, (Morone Chrysops), aka, the "Golden Eye" fish, is found in Utah Lake. The white bass or sand bass is a freshwater fish of the temperate bass family Moronidae. It is the state fish of Oklahoma. Adults resemble young striped bass. Adults are usually found in schools. Feeding occurs near the surface where fish, crustaceans, and emerging insects are found in abundance. Gizzard and threadfin shad are the preferred food items. White bass more than four years of age are rare. White bass are excellent fighters, and are considered superb table fare.

On Wedesday, August 29, 2012, outfitter Lee Rasmussen, with side kick, Earl Latimer, and Loren, caught 39 White Bass. Most of the fish were in shallow water about 3 to 4 feet deep. The weather was perfect and the timing was right. By 11:05 am we were on our way back to the marina. They are small fish, most of which were about ten or twelve inches in length. We had the fish fileted and bagged on ice by 11:45. We had lunch at a local restaurant.

We used artificial bait on 1/4 oz jig heads, casting with light spinning tackle. Lots of fun. Since I am currently with out a boat, I appreciatge the invitation Lee. On the way home I stopped in and visited with Scott Fortuna,of A Rock Propeller. He said the used 19 foot SeaSwirl would not be compatable with the 115 hp Johnson. He estimated the value of that boat in it's present condition at about $800.00. The owner of the SeaSwirl was hoping to get $1600.00 for the boat. He said the V-4 Johnson, which I own, would not handle the 19 foot SeaSwirl. It would be so underpowered it would ride like a tug boat. He offered me $200.00 for the Overton inboard motor, whichg I salvaged from the boat graveyard in Overton. He offered me $50.00 for the 35 hp Johnson which is missing the lower end. The first two pictures, show the fish in the live well.

"Keep your lure in the water, the waters of life", (Randy Travis)