By Dave Curneal

Matching the hatch has never been as much fun as matching the minnow hatch at Willard Bay. The little gizzard shad vary in size through the summer. They are silver-grey in color and when a bass hits one its gill plates turn red. We have designed several minnow patterns that work well at Willard. For those of you who don't tie, come into the shop where we have them in stock.

This small streamer is easy to tie and mimics the shad very well.

Hook: Streamer #8 or #10

Thread: Red

Tail: White rabbit (Don't substitute marabou since the bass will tear it up)

Body: Tinsel chenille in silver or white

Top Fin: Mallard flank fibers

Gills: Red ostrich hearl

This fly was shown to me by my good friend, Buzz Moss. He designed it from descriptions given him of the shad. This fly is very durable and fun to tie.

Hook: Streamer #8 or #10

Thread: Black

Body: Silver floss with clear larva lace wrapped over the top

Top Fin: Mallard flank fibers

Gills: Red floss

Head: Built up black thread lacquered