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Thursday, 31 January 2013 02:19

28 Pound Striper Caught At Lake Powell

Last week Jesse Pond caught a 28 pound striped bass near Forgotten Canyon at Lake Powell. His father, Sean, posted this account of the epic battle in the Anglers' Corner section on WaynesWords.com. He posted 2 photos, one of which is shown here. Below we give excerpts from his account. It is worth reading the entire post.

While traveling west over Eisenhower tunnel and over Vail pass everyone looked at us like we were crazy for having our boat in tow in January. as we headed out of Grand Junction Colorado into the Utah Desert the outside temperature was 7 degrees Fahrenheit and my wife started to believe I was crazy too……….

The next morning we slept in until about 9AM, grabbed a quick bite and headed back to the off shore marina to look at the house boat, when we finished our houseboat tour we made it back to the Boat inspection station about 11AM and it was 43 degrees, sunny and no wind, once the inspection was complete we hit the boat ramp to launch and realized there were only 2 other trucks in the parking area, we had the lake all to ourselves!

Jesse had been bugging me to fish so I finally gave in and rigged up his and my poles with a couple of cast masters and trolled all the way out of Forgotten Canyon with no luck, as we reached the main channel I rigged up 2 poles with leaded line , mine had a Rapala CD9 and was out 7 colors, I set Jesse up with a Storm Thunder stick in green and let him out 8 colors and settled in behind the controls, I varied our trolling speed between 1.5 – 2.3mph on my GPS, about 15 minutes later we had just turned into the main channel towards Bull fog when Jesse Yelled “ DAD, I HAVE A SNAG” I looked at the fish finder and said Jess we are 200 ft deep , that’s not a snag, HOLD ON!

some 20 to 30 minutes later with the fish actually coming our way he must have been able to see the bottom of the boat because he dove straight down and hard! It pulled Jesses rod so fast the handle was forced into his groin, Jesse yelled and fell forward , I grabbed Jesse by his hoodie with my left hand and his pole with my right, feeling the weight of this fish...

Once the fish was in the boat we snapped bunch of pictures and decided to head to bull frog marina and get it weighed. The post office scales were all that we could find and it showed about 27 ½ pounds. We froze Jesse’s fish that night and upon return to Bailey Colorado my wife had it weighed at our local Safeway and it came in at 28.31 lbs.

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 17:58

Lake Powell Spring Fishing Remains Hot

brian shaw

Spring fishign remains hot for smallmouth bass. Walleye fishing is good and getting better and striper fishing is on the verge of becoming excellent. That's a summary of the new fishing report by DWR biologist Wayne Gustaveson. You can see the full report here. Below are excerpts:

Bass have mostly pulled off the nests as fry have hatched following a good spawn in mid April.  But males still guard the swimming fry for a time and are in close proximity to the nest.  Bass are seen cruising in shallow water rather than guarding each nest. But it’s not over.  Soon guarding males will abandon swimming fry and reoccupy the nest. They spawn again and start the process over again.  The difference this year is that anglers will be able to see nests in May that are usually covered by murky runoff.  Males will now randomly spawn and guard nests depending on where they are in their individual nesting/spawning cycle.  The end result will be visible bass which are very aggressive on nests shortly after eggs are deposited but slacking off in aggressiveness a day or two after the event.   Crappie follow a similar pattern but their second spawn is weaker than large and smallmouth bass.

Walleye fishing improves each day...

Male stripers have been ready to spawn since early April but females are still holding off, hence the inconsistency of striper fishing right now.  Once in place males don’t move much and are often dormant during the day.  They can be found by trolling and casting near points.  Spawning will not occur until females are stimulated to spawn by rapidly rising water temperature and increased inflow near a flowing tributary.  Historically, the earliest spawn has come near May 10 and has been delayed as late as June 10.  Finding a spawning striper school is the only thing better than fishing a boil.  The only problem is that it all happens at night.  



Published in Utah Fishing Report

Smallmouth and largemouth fishing is now very good at Lake Powell when the water warms between storm fronts. Bass are looking for nesting sites and spawning is expected as early as next week. Anglers cruise shorelines looking for big fish and then cast to them - for exciting sight-fishing action. Wayne Gustaveson expects very good action to continue into May. Here's a quote:


The good news about early warming and small runoff is that sight fishing for cruising and nesting bass may be prolonged into May. Bass nests made this week may still be visible and only a foot or two deeper during May. Bass fishing will be good enough that all anglers will be successful. So remember to release largemouth bass and male smallmouth bass that are guarding nests. It is fine to keep smallmouth bass 12 inches and smaller.


Stripers are so fat, they are not expected to make their normal spring move in large numbers toward the dam. They can be caught in the backs of canyons and along the side of the main channel.


Read Wayne's full fishing report.


The warm spring has seasonal changes occurring a week or two earlier than normal. To hit the best fishing, I'm moving my Powell trip to the last week of April. I still have room in the boat if anyone is interested.


- Dave Webb

Published in Utah Fishing Report

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