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We had a great time fishing Currant Creek Saturday evening. We were surprised to find it was totally ice-free. The road around the reservoir was mostly dry with no snow or ice. It was washboardy, but that is normal. The boat ramp was open and usable.


We say snow beneath trees on the hillsides but none around the reservoir.


Fishing success was slow when we first arrived, about 4 pm. We talked to a group who had only caught one, on Powerbait. We tried various lures without and luck until the sun sunk low in the sky.


About 6 pm action picked up dramatically. We caught several very nice fish, rainbows, cutthroats and tiger trout. They were fat and healthy. The biggest was a brightly colored rainbow that was about 18 inches long and almost measured the same around the girth. These were nice fish that struck hard and fought well.


big currant creek rainbowIn all, I caught 7 and Kevin lost count but probably landed 6-7. It has been a long time since I've caught that many solid fish in a one-day trip. We hooked fish using various lures, Castmaster, Jake's, but the Pointer Minnow proved to be the most effective.


They will soon stock the reservoir; after that most people will catch small, planted fish. But it is nice to know there are larger, hold-over fish available. Each fish we caught was carefully released.


We saw dozens of deer at dusk in open areas around the reservoir.


As we drove by Strawberry, we saw that it had some fishable open water – but not as much as I had expected. Peak ice-off action there will probably happen about May 1.


currant creek cutthroat trout- Dave Webb

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Thursday, 25 April 2013 15:27

Fishable Open Water At Strawberry

Ice-off fishing has started at Strawberry. This weekend will be a key time to fish if you want to catch the ice as it pulls back. Action will continue into next week. By next weekend the ice may be totally gone.

This report came in last night from Jay Nersisian: "Drove up to check lake this afternoon myself after fishing Weber with Larry Heinhold this AM. 10-30 yds of fishable-from-shore water at Laddrers inlet and north up beach along shores Chicken Creek bays.  Expect plenty of "floatable" water by the wkend (at least until ice starts breaking into floes and gets pushed around by wind!)."



Wednesday, 20 February 2013 03:41

Flaming Gorge is Hot For Rainbows

Utah's DWR reports very good fishing at Flaming Gorge Reservoir. There is stable ice on the north end of the lake, but open water or unstable ice on much of the Utah side.

DWR put this information on its Facebook page:

Ice remains on most of the reservoir north of the Pipeline. With the high winds experienced last week, some spots are opening up in the main body of the reservoir. This past weekend, there was a large expanse of open water north of Anvil Draw to Middle Marsh Creek. I also observed some wide pressure ridges with open water in the main lake areas. Be safe around these areas and recognize that winds can have a dramatic effect on the consistency and duration of ice. 

Ryan Mosley, DWR's Flaming Gorge project leader, has this update:

"Where we fished the ice was thick (12 inches of clear ice) and the fishing was still really good. Even with the recent success reports for lake trout pups in the main channel near Buckboard, we decided to fish for shallow rainbows further south. Rainbow fishing was very good in 15–25 feet of water and also provided the occasional lake trout. We selected shallow points towards the backs of bays and augered a lot of holes until we found fish. Many of the fish came through suspended, making it advantageous to have a fish finder so the presentation could be placed at the depth of the fish. 

We caught rainbows up to 20 inches and about 2 pounds. The quality of the rainbows caught this year is impressive, and even the smaller size class (14 inches) are fun to catch and exhibit thick red fillets. Fish hit a variety of lures, but I had much of my success using small 1/4 oz jigging spoons, including Swedish Pimples (whites and pinks) and Kastmasters (rainbow), and also 1/16 oz PowerBait Atomic Teasers (white with orange trout worm). 

Tip the lures with Gulp maggots, mealworms or wax worms. Upon cleaning the fish, many of the rainbows were foraging on chironomids, but some were also utilizing zooplankton. Chironomids tend to be more abundant on shallow sand/mud habitat, and this time of year zooplankton can be more abundant in the backs of bays or along southern exposed rocky shoreline where water is slightly warmer."

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Saturday, 26 January 2013 00:42

Utah Ice Fishing Report

Jan 25: Uah's DWR gives these reports:

Ice update: The cisco are running at Bear Lake, and the ice is three to six inches thick. Come up tomorrow for the Cisco Disco!

Ice update: The ice is five to six inches thick at Pineview Reservoir, and the perch are biting.

Want to catch some fish? There are three fun winter-fishing events scheduled for tomorrow in northern Utah. | http://go.usa.gov/4kkF 

Ice update: At East Canyon Reservoir, the ice is about six inches thick, and anglers are catching 16- to 18-inch rainbows.


VisitUtah.com reports: The 2013 Burbot Bash is Feb 1-3 at Flaming Gorge. Get a team together for fun catching the ugliest fish in the West. http://bit.ly/Y4aaxq 

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Friday, 04 January 2013 03:45

Utah Ice Fishing Report

Jan 18 Report

DWR's Scott Tolentino reports that ice is starting to form on Bear Lake. No ice fishing yet but could come soon. Cisco should start to spawn any time now.

Jan 11 Report:

DWR Ice Update: Some anglers have been seen on the ice at Jordanelle. Please use caution — the ice is still considered unsafe.

DWR Ice update: Anglers say that Deer Creek Reservoir has open water in some areas and 6 inches of ice in others. Be very careful.

DWR Ice update: Wide Hollow Reservoir has 8 inches of ice and fishing is good for rainbows. Look for fish in 10 feet of water.

DWR Ice update: There's a little ice on the south end of Piute Reservoir. Fishing is slow.

DWR Ice update: Ice is 10–12 inches thick at Panguitch. Fish are generally biting very lightly, so pay close attention to the rod tip.

DWR Ice update: The ice at Otter Creek Reservoir is 8–10 inches thick. Fishing is good with popular ice techniques in shallow water.

DWR Ice update: Minersville Reservoir is capped with 6 inches of ice, but there are a few thin spots, so use caution. Fishing is fair.

DWR Ice update: There are over 6 inches of ice at Koosharem Reservoir. Catch large fish using minnows or cut bait.

Jan 10 Report:

DWR Ice Update: Most of Fish Lake has 8 inches of ice, and fishing is good for perch, rainbow trout, splake and lake trout.

Jan 8 Reports:

Don Allphin offers tips on ice fishing.

Brett Prettyman Blog: Flaming Gorge Fishing Report - Add rainbows to the "hot" category and look for plenty of ice for the Burbot Bash

DWR Ice update: There is a fair amount of floating ice at Bear Lake, but the lake should freeze soon. Cutthroat fishing is excellent!

DWR Ice update: Anglers have been on the ice at Holmes Creek. Use extreme caution when checking the ice thickness.

DWR Ice update: The ice at Echo appears to be safe. Use caution. Fishing is good using jigs tipped with nightcrawlers or mealworms.

DWR Ice update: East Canyon Reservoir has about 5 inches of ice. Anglers are catching fish 15–20 feet down from the ice surface.

DWR Ice update: The ice at Hyrum is 6–8 inches thick and many are catching their limit of trout using nightcrawlers and mealworms.

DWR Ice update: Temps at Little Creek are consistently below zero, so the ice should be thick!

DWR Ice update: There is a large section of open water in the middle of Lost Creek. Ice near the dam and the edge is 4–6 inches thick.

DWR Ice update: Fishing is good at Mantua. Most fish are found in 13–19 feet of water. Be extremely careful on the ice.

DWR Ice update: Newton Reservoir has moderately safe ice, but anglers aren't catching many fish. Use caution.

Jan 4: DWR reports:

Ice update: Visiting Strawberry Reservoir this weekend? There are at least 6 inches of ice on many parts of the reservoir.

Ice update: The ice at Yuba State Park is not safe! The park ranger said that the reservoir just barely became capped with ice.

Ice update: Deer Creek is still in transition and the ice is not safe. Wait to ice fish until the conditions improve.

Jan 3: DWR reports:

Ice update: Headed to Starvation? The ice is about 4–6 inches thick. Fishing is good for rainbows and perch and fair for walleye.

Ice update: At Steinaker Reservoir, the ice is about six inches thick, and the rainbows are biting.

Ice update: There's now fishable ice at Big Sandwash, Browne, Cottonwood, Moose Pond and Pelican Lake.

Dec 26, from Utah DWR:

Ice update: There are reports that ice is forming at Pineview, but it is not stable. Use extreme caution.

Ice update: On December 21, Echo Reservoir was completely iced over. Use extreme caution out on the ice.

Dec 23:

Strawberry has ice! There is new ice over the entire visible reservoir. Bays are solid and should support fishing. There may be spots of week ice over the main lake and so use extreme caution as you venture out. Fishing should be very good.

Utah DWR 12-20:

Ice update: The ice at Birch Creek is reported to be 3 to 5 inches thick. Fishing is fair for rainbows during the morning hours.

Ice update: Mantua Reservoir is entirely covered with a thin layer of new ice. Use extreme caution when checking the ice.

Ice update: Cutler Reservoir is entirely covered with a thin layer of new ice. Use extreme caution when checking the ice.

Ice update: Newton Reservoir is entirely covered with a thin layer of new ice. Use extreme caution when checking the ice.

Ice update: Little Creek Reservoir is entirely covered with ice. Use extreme caution when checking the ice.


Utah DWR Reports 12-17:

Ice update: Scofield is frozen. Ice thickness in the dam area is 4-8 inches. Anglers report catching a lot of smaller fish.

Ice update: Anglers are fishing through the ice at Huntington (Mammoth) Reservoir. Try using small jigs tipped with mealworms.

Utah State Parks Trifishalon! will be December 29 at Scofield,January 19 at Rockport and February 9 at Starvation. Join the fun and show off your ice fishing skills. Prizes will be awarded. Details.

At last, some of Utah's better ice fishing waters are starting to get a hard deck.

Utah's DWR provided these updates on 12-11-12.

Scofield Reservoir contains soft, unsafe ice with patches of open water. We recommend waiting 1-2 weeks for safer ice.

The north corner of Electric Lake has 1.5-3 inches of snowy ice. The rest is open water. Use caution if fishing.

The majority of Huntington Reservoir is topped with 1-1.5 inches of unstable ice. There are patches of open water.


Reports from 12-10-12

Matt Warner had about an inch of ice on Friday. We expect the ice to be fishable soon, maybe by this weekend.

East Park Reservoir is completely covered in an estimated four inches of ice. Good fishing success is likely.

There are reports that the ice is 2-4 inches thick at Hoop Lake. Anglers are catching rainbows in 8-15 feet of water.

Some Uinta lakes have up to six inches of ice. The cold forecast for next week should bring ice to others.

Anglers report 2 inches of ice at Cleveland Reservoir. The catch rate has been about two fat rainbow trout per hour.

The ice is about 9 inches thick at Boulger Reservoir. Fishing is good for 8 to 12-inch rainbow trout.

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(This article was provided by Utah's DWR.)


November is the perfect month to fish at Deer Creek


Heber City – If you’ve fished Deer Creek Reservoir in the summer—and in the fall—you probably had two completely different experiences.

In the summer, the reservoir was probably filled with recreational boaters and personal watercraft.

In the fall, you probably had the reservoir to yourself.


Colder water temperatures in the fall turn popular recreation spots such as Deer Creek into places of solitude, breathtaking beauty and excellent fishing.


And the Provo River that flows into and out of Deer Creek is also a great place to fish in the fall. The river is filled with hungry, aggressive brown trout.


Deer Creek Reservoir is about five miles southwest of Heber City.


Deer Creek Reservoir


Scott Root, regional conservation outreach manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says the DWR places 90,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout into Deer Creek every year.


The agency has placed tens of thousands of rainbows into Deer Creek for several years now, so plenty of rainbows are available to catch. (This year, 70,000 rainbows will be stocked in December.)

Root says both Utah State Park boat ramps at the reservoir are open, and you can have much of the lake to yourself.


In the fall, Root says you can catch rainbows from the shoreline using baits. Floating cheese baits, nightcrawlers or other baits that have a scent to them are some of the best baits to try.

If you fish from a boat, Root recommends trolling pop gear with a nightcrawler or trolling small lures that imitate perch.


"November is also a great time of year to target walleye," Root says. "Try trolling minnow-imitating lures slowly along the bottom of the reservoir."


In addition to rainbow trout and walleye, you might also catch perch, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and brown trout at Deer Creek in the fall.


Brown trout in the Provo River

In addition to fishing in the reservoir, you might want to try the Provo River. The river enters the reservoir on the reservoir’s north end and then exits on the south end, flowing down Provo Canyon on its way to Utah Lake.


Root says brown trout spawn in November. “During the spawn,” he says, “brown trout will take flies aggressively. They’ll also attack lures that get near their spawning beds.”


Root says those who fish the Provo River regularly know November is a special time to not only catch aggressive trout, but big trout too. He says small fly patterns, small lures and egg-imitating fly patterns can be very effective during and after the



When brown trout spawn, they clear out depressions in the gravel of the stream bed to deposit their eggs in. These depressions can often be seen from the shoreline. “Please don’t step on these depressions or disturb them in any way,” Root says.


Some stretches of the Provo River have special restrictions. ON some stretches, only artificial flies and lures may be used and the limit is two trout under 15 inches (larger trout must be released in some stretches of the river).


On other stretches, you can use bait and the trout limit is four fish, without any size restrictions.


Fishing regulations for the Provo River are found on pages 29 – 30 of the 2012 Utah Fishing Guidebook. The free guidebook is available at www.wildlife.utah.gov. You can also get a copy at DWR offices and from fishing and hunting license agents across Utah.


Stay updated

Updated fishing reports for Deer Creek are available at www.wildlife.utah.gov/hotspots. Utahwildife.net and bigfishtackle.com also provide good information.


More information about launching conditions at Deer Creek State Park, or information about the park itself, is available by calling (435) 654-0171 or visiting www.stateparks.utah.gov/parks/deer-creek.


More information about fishing at Deer Creek is available by calling the DWR at (801) 491-5678.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 03:04

Hot Fall Fishing At Lake Powell

Fall fishing is hot at Lake Powell and will remain very good for the next 2-3 weeks. After that it will trail off and most fish will be less active during the cold of winter.

Wayne Gustaveson provides an excellent weekly report on Lake Powell fishing conditions. See it here.

Below are a couple quotes from his latest report:

Magic 60-degree temperatures that caused bass and striper fishing to peak in the spring will be duplicated during the next 3 weeks.  Look for a fall flurry of fishing success similar to that found in spring. Use your favorite technique at your best springtime spot to have great fishing success. Crappie are being caught in trees now and will continue to provide good catches until mid November.

Striper fishing success has never slowed in the San Juan Arm where adult schools are guarding the mouths of Piute and Neskahi Canyons and deep water in between.   Fishing success at Good Hope Bay and Hite is less certain with few reports coming from there this week. That may be due to the steady striper fishing success in Bullfrog and Halls using the same spooning and trolling techniques described above.

This is a news release provided by Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR)

Fish Strawberry, Win Cash and Prizes

Heber City – If you catch a rainbow trout at Strawberry Reservoir, you might be in for more than just a big fight: The fish might be worth $25,000.

Although the Division of Wildlife Resources is not an official sponsor of the Strawberry Rainbow Rush contest, its biologists worked with the event’s sponsors to tag 300 rainbow trout. In May, the biologists stocked the fish in different locations across the reservoir.

As of July 11, anglers had caught 58 of the 300 tagged fish. That means up to 242 tagged rainbows are still swimming in Strawberry.

You don’t have to register to participate in the contest. If you catch a tagged fish, simply take it to any one of the four marinas around the reservoir to claim your prize.

The first 100 anglers to bring in a tagged fish win a prize from Camp Chef. Six of the rainbows are marked with special tags that may be redeemed for a cash prize. The largest cash prize is $25,000.

You can stay updated on how many tagged fish have been caught by visiting the “Strawberry Lake in Utah” page on Facebook. You can access the page at www.facebook.com/pages/Strawberry-Lake-in-Utah/325472837328.

The Rainbow Rush contest started on May 26. It ends on Oct. 15.

Scott Root, a DWR conservation outreach manager, says the number of applications the agency receives to hold tagged fish contests is growing.

“It’s been fun to see how excited anglers have gotten about the contests,” Root says. “It’s also fun to know that the average angler can win prizes while doing something he or she enjoys.”

Strawberry Reservoir is just off U.S. Highway 40, about 22 miles southeast of Heber City.

The latest fishing report for Strawberry is available at www.wildlife.utah.gov/hotspots.

More information about fishing at Strawberry is available on the Web at http://go.usa.gov/flk or by calling the DWR’s Central Region office at (801) 491-5678.



If you visit Strawberry Reservoir, please be aware that all cutthroat trout between 15 and 22 inches must be released immediately.

Information about the fishing regulations at Strawberry is available on page 31 of the 2012 Utah Fishing Guidebook. The free guidebook is available at www.wildlife.utah.gov/guidebooks.

An illustration and description of a Bear Lake cutthroat trout, the only cutthroat in Strawberry, is available on page 45 of the guidebook. On page 46, you’ll find an illustration and a description of a rainbow trout.

Another good identification guide is the “Strawberry Reservoir Fishing Regulations and Fish Identification” brochure. The free brochure is available at http://go.usa.gov/flX.


Contact: Scott Root, DWR Central Region Conservation Outreach Manager (801) 376-7076 or (801) 491-5678

Friday, 15 June 2012 02:58

Striper Boils Are Starting At Powell

At Lake Powell, anglers anxiously await the heat of summer when shad grow big enough to attract hungry stripers. The aggressive predators chase the shad near the surface and make the water appear to boil. It is still early in the year but boils are now starting in many spots on the lake. The action will get better each week until it peaks in late July or early August.

The fishing report on wayneswords.com is the key source of current information about fishing at Powell. Now's the time to plan a Powell trip. Be sure to check Wayne's report before you head out.

Wayne provided this information.

Warm Creek traffic lane from Castle Rock Cut to Main Channel. Boils of yearling stripers start mid morning about the same time the houseboats are on the move through Warm Creek. It’s a real circus casting between boats and bouncing over wakes but these are the most catchable boil fish close by. They also come up in the evening for the last hour of light.


Padre Bay yearlings boil mid morning on most days, but not everyday. Normally start time is 9 AM (MST)


Last Chance and Rock Creek only very early and late slurps but these are larger fish when the come up in low light. They can be caught more often trolling than boiling.


Reflection Canyon. Striper school, 4-pound size class, near three partially submerged boulders in the channel near mouth of Reflection. Boil only quickly in the evening after the sun goes behind the ridge. Can be caught trolling near the same submerged rock reef.

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Sunday, 29 April 2012 03:40

Tough Stream Fishing In High Water

I fished Diamond Fork this afternoon - or at least tried to fish it. The stream is running high and is chalky. Many spots that are normally productive holes were just fast water today. Conditions were difficult.

I've been fishing Diamond Fork often and this was the highest water so far this year.

I expect we will see peak runoff on that stream during the next week or so.

Conditions are probably similar on other unprotected streams. During the next couple weeks the best stream fishing will be on stream sections below dams. So that means fish the famous waters with crowds of people:

  • The Green
  • The Provo
  • The Weber between the dams
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