Fisherman often go through distinct phases:

(1) I want to catch a fish... any fish. (2) I want to catch lots of fish. (3) I want to catch big fish

We think we have progressed to a 4th stage, where we we enjoy helping others learn to fish and enjoy other kinds of ourdoor recreation. We believe such activities are beneficial, particularly to families and young people. We are rebuilding and improving this website to provide good how-to and where-to information.

This still contiains articles, photos and maps from the old Utah Fishing & Outdoors, Utah Outdoors and Amazing Outdoors print magazines. Over time we hope to post virtually all of the articles from these publications on this site.

We are also writing and acquiring new articles and photos that will be published here.

- Dave Webb

We are not guides; we do not charge to take people out outdoor adventures. If you want a guide, our friend Jason Murray offers outstanding guided tours of Utah's national parks, through is company South West Adventure Tours. He gets 5 stars from me.

If you want travel information for the greater SW America area, we recommend Members there offer loding, transportation and guided tours.


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