1. Play the fish in quickly so it is not too tired.

2. Handle the fish as little as possible and never let it flop on a hard or dirty surface.

3. Use hemostats or needle nose pliers to back the hook out the way it went in. Barbless hooks help you get the hook out easier.

4. Never release a fish until it is fully revived and feels strong. A tired fish can tumble and get lodged in rocks or mass and suffocate. Carefully work the fish back and forth in the water to pump water through its gills. You will know when the fish is ready to leave.

5. Mien taking a picture, leave the fish in the water until the camera is ready and gently cradle the fish in two hands when it is lifted out of the water. Never put your fingers in it’s gills or squeeze it too hard. Keep the fish out of the water only long enough to take the picture.

6. Be gentle and release the fish carefully. Never throw the fish back into the water.