bill crappie tips

Prolific fisherman Bill Furniss provided these tips on crappie fishing at Willard Bay, on March 26, 2019.

Crappie fishing will heat up in about three or four weeks in front of the two marina outlets at Willard Bay.

Try with a dual system - a primary jig and then a second jig on a dropper. For the primary jig use a Maniac Custom Lures Finesse grub in glow-in-the-dark with white specks. I tie on the dropper using 4-pound line.

For the dropper use a bright yellow grub from Maniac. Use a lead head jig hook for both grubs. Try the ones with eyeballs painted on. Use a white lead head for the glow grub. Use a yellow lead head for the yellow grub.

Cover the grubs with Smelly Jelly. Throw out your line and let it sink a little bit, then lift slowly, drop your rod tip, them lift again.

I use Clear Blue line so I can see it. I'm a line watcher. I want to see the strike before I feel it.

Make sure the hook comes out the top of the jig behind the back. A jig swims upside down so insert the hook so it comes out correctly. Make sure the curl on the grub is curling up and around, the same direction as your hook.

Always use anchovy salt glitter Smelly Jelly with this application for crappie. Try to fish the humps under the water outside of the marina inlets.