(Published Utah Fishing & Outdoors, July, 1995)

Pat Milburn, Anglers Inn (Sugarhouse: 466-3921l), suggested these lures for the serious tiger chaser. Pat said that this combination will let the angler match the mood and movement of the big tigers.

Fish the floating Rapalas when the tigers are up in the shallows and feeding on spawning
crappie or perch.

Fish the deep running lures when the water warms and the tigers move out of the shallows.

Active tigers will rarely be deeper than about 20 feet so don’t look for them out in the middle of the lake.

Match the lure to the depth and speed you want to fish.

Experiment with different colors, speed of retrieve, and different lure actions until
one of those big tigers tries to make a meal out of your lure.

Lures that imitate the colors and swimming motion of distressed perch or crappie work best.

Don't be afraid to use BIG lures, as long as 10 inches. A five or six inch lure would be about as small as you want to go.

pats picks tiger muskie