You may be addicted to fly fishing if:

Your honeymoon was on the San Juan River,

Your children are named after the rivers they were conceived on, Madison, Ruby and Jefferson,

The $10,000 home equity loan you just took out is for a fly tying room,

You take your lunch breaks at the local fly shop – every day,

You follow the UPS truck to the fly shop because you know today is when the new shipment of hackle arrives,

The owner of the fly shop sends customers to your house when he is out of things,

You look at road kill as a cheap source of tying materials,

You have more spools of thread than your wife,

You have so many rods that when you loan your Winston 4-weight to the casting class, you don't miss it until it is returned – a week later,

You've named the fish behind the fly tying shop,

Your cat is named "fish,"

Your three-year-old child ties flies,

When you don't go fishing for three days your wife calls the paramedics,

One week after major surgery you go fishing, but are still too sick to work,

The telephone number of every fly shop, guide service, and lodge within a three-state area are programmed into your phone,

Your family vacation just happens to match the hatch,

You have tennis elbow – but you don't play tennis,

Every day your wife's co-workers ask where are you fishing and how well did you do,

You have so much equipment that you can completely outfit any four other fishermen,

Your wife doesn't care if you go fishing with Cindy Crawford because she knows that you are more interested in the fish.