If you really want to learn to be a great fly fisher, and you have money to spend, consider attending “School of Trout, October 7-13, 2018, held on the Henry's Fork River in Last Chance, Idaho.

Some of the biggest names in fly fishing will instruct. Tuition includes lodging and meals.

We cover it all: trout behavior, equipment & gear, insects, knots, casting, line control and manipulation, reading the water, wading & stalking, choosing your fly, playing & landing your fish, releasing your catch. You'll learn about dries, nymphs and streamers; about fly rods and reels; about lines, leaders & tippets; about when, and how, to take photos ... and when it makes more sense to simply look around and smile. Ultimately, you'll discover how to become a fly fisher, and you'll do so under the tutelage of the world's finest instructors.

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school of trout