At Lake Powell, anglers anxiously await the heat of summer when shad grow big enough to attract hungry stripers. The aggressive predators chase the shad near the surface and make the water appear to boil. It is still early in the year but boils are now starting in many spots on the lake. The action will get better each week until it peaks in late July or early August.

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Wayne provided this information.

Warm Creek traffic lane from Castle Rock Cut to Main Channel. Boils of yearling stripers start mid morning about the same time the houseboats are on the move through Warm Creek. It’s a real circus casting between boats and bouncing over wakes but these are the most catchable boil fish close by. They also come up in the evening for the last hour of light.

Padre Bay yearlings boil mid morning on most days, but not everyday. Normally start time is 9 AM (MST)

Last Chance and Rock Creek only very early and late slurps but these are larger fish when the come up in low light. They can be caught more often trolling than boiling.

Reflection Canyon. Striper school, 4-pound size class, near three partially submerged boulders in the channel near mouth of Reflection. Boil only quickly in the evening after the sun goes behind the ridge. Can be caught trolling near the same submerged rock reef.