Which waters in Utah are the most popular? Well, how do you define and measure that?

One indication is the number of views a water gets on the Internet. Utah DWR has a comprehensive website with good basic information about most of our fishable waters. And the DWR can easily measure the number of views for each page.

Writing on the DWR's blog, Crystal Ross gives the list, along with insights about each water. The post is worth reading. See it here.

Below we give the popular waters:

1. Strawberry Reservoir

2. Lake Powell

3. Rockport Reservoir

4. Utah Lake

5. Deer Creek Reservoir

6. Panguitch Lake

7. East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

8. Starvation Reservoir

9. Scofield Reservoir

10. Flaming Gorge

11. Mirror Lake

12. Lost Creek Reservoir

13. Fish Lake

14. Currant Creek Reservoir

15. Mantua Reservoir

Do you agree with that list? I think the top 2 are right on, but I think the rest of the rest is skewed. I'd be interested to know the time period for the stats. I suspect that a summer snapshot would look different.

- Dave Webb