Dear Editor:

The Nov. 5th "UTAH FISHING" article on "Boulder Mtn. Access" brought out the pros and cons. We in southern Utah are so sick of environmentalists that this issue will sound more like their workings than fish management.

I have fished about 35 of the 79 lakes or ponds that are considered fishable. I would like to see the rest of them before age and health prevent me from it.

Last summer I walked about 10 miles, starting at the Chriss Lake trail, then on to Deer Lake and Green Lake. Much of this is steep walking. Deadfall and huge boulders make access very rough around these lakes. I enjoyed this experience very much, but I won't always be able to do it.

In Sept. I drove as far as possible into Oak Creek Reservoir. Take this thip and say access is too good! You will wonder why you treat your $15,000 4X4 in such a way.

Yes, this will be an emotional issue. Making, you suppose, better fishing, but for fewer people is not the right stand. My experience has been that when a lake has a good population of big fish, everyone wants some of the action. When the big fish are gone, so goes the crowd. This makes these lakes cyclic. On the other hand we see 3 or 4 lakes that have had to be treated because of over-population and stunting. This over-population is due to too little pressure and the fish's ability to spawn successfully.

By closing roads you would be excluding the older segment of sportsmen who also enjoy our wonderful mountain environment. We need to encourage more catch and release fishing, more respect for the environment, then we all can enjoy good fishing. Many times the size of the fish is not as important to me as the smell of the alpine air, the blue sky and all of God's creations.

I say don't change a thing. Where erosion is a problem, a little niaintainance may be all that's needed.

There exists now a little of both worlds. You can drive a sports car to Lower Bowns. Some lakes have east access by 2 wheel drive, and many require 4X4's. Some lakes require long steep hikes, and some easy hikes. Why change all that to please a special interest group of people. I firmly believe in multiple use of our Federal lands. I love beef, so I strongly support grazing. I like to hunt and fish, and want reasonable access to do these activities. People who enjoy ATV's should also be afforded areas to do their thing.

- Marion W. Littlefield, Tropic, Utah