Stripers are now active on the upper end of Lake Powell. offers the best fishing info for the lake. Wayne Gustaveson is the Utah DWR project leader for the lake and he updates fishing conditions weekly from March through October. His site also has a buletin board where readers post good information.

Here's the latest post:

"Just came home from one of the best trips ever. Located a few small schools on the high spots in striper city from 35-40 ft. Also caught a dozen walleye while jigging a kastmaster. Then I found a really large school in 55 ft in the mouth of trachyte on the west side. The school was so large it was 25ft thick. When a striper was brought up the whole school followed. As soon as I could get the spoon over the side you could catch another at less than fifteen ft. by myself I caught 42 and one walleye in just over an hour. I had to just drive off and leave them. It would be a great place to take kids. Most of the time you did not even have to jig your spoon. There is a small rock island and the school was located straight towards white canyon from that island. Also caught a few crappie just north of Farley canyon."