Utah DWR provided this information: Joseph Hamby reports that fishing has been good. A variety of ice flies tipped with wax worms, night crawlers and PowerBait seem to be working best. The fish are suspended at the 15- to 25-foot level. If the fishing seems slow, move around and ask around. The ice is nine to 12 inches thick but use caution around the edges. It has been thawing and freezing in the afternoon and evenings. There are now 40 tagged fish in the lake with prizes up to $2,500 cash. Park staff went out and caught about 15 trout with several over two pounds. They tagged seven more fish. See the State Parks website for more details. Due to safety concerns, do not park on the west side of Hwy 32. Please park in the pullouts on the east side of Hwy 32. The marina is plowed to allow easy access to the ice.

Salt Lake Tribune's Brett Prettyman has this report about the tagged fish and prizes.