Lower Fish Creek

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Fish Creek Description
This is a beautiful trout stream that normally provides good fishing. It has the potential to provide very good fishing on a consistent basis. Most of the stream is restricted to artificial flies and lures only, but bait is allowed on the top 1 mile.

The section of stream considered here runs from Scofield Dam downstream to Hwy 6. The stream offers high quality habitat, abundant forage and a relatively stable stream flow to accommodate a healthy population of brown trout.

There are no minimum flow guarantees for this water. Historically, occasional low winter flows had a negative impact on the fishery. In recent years, flows have been adequate and the fishery has blossomed.

General statewide limits apply here (your may harvest up to 4 trout and there are no restrictions on size).

Lower Fish Creek flows from Scofield Reservoir down to Hwy 6, where it combines with the White River to form the Price River.
        105 miles from Salt Lake City
        60 miles from Provo

Primary Species
Brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout

Special Regulations
Bait is allowed along the top one mile (just below the Scofield Reservoir dam). The rest of the stream is restricted to artificial flies and lures only.

Catch and release fishing is encouraged here, to help increase the population of large fish.

Seasonal Factors
The stream's elevation ranges from about 7,600 feet on the upper end below Scofield Dam to 7,150 feet at the Highway 6 Bridge. Because of its high elevation, ice completely covers this stream during winter. Snowfall is usually heavy in this drainage and heavy runoff can last into early June.

Lures and Techniques
Hopper patterns are very productive from mid-summer through fall. This is one of our best hopper waters. Mayflies, caddis flies and other standard dry flies work during the summer and standard nymphs work throughout the season. Rapalas and other minnow-imitating lures work well here.

There is automobile access at the top end (at Scofield dam), bottom end (at Colton bridge from Highway 6), and to DWR property at a middle location. Access to the DWR property is typically closed from November-May. The road to the DWR access typically requires four-wheel-drive and travel is not recommended when the road is wet.