Panguitch Lake Fishing Overview

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Panguitch Lake is a beautiful, natural lake located west of the town of Panguitch, in southern Utah.

Special Regulations
You may catch and keep up to four rainbow trout of any size at Scofield. If you catch a trout that is not a rainbow—and it ranges from 15–22 inches—you must release it. The limit is 4 trout; 2 may be cutthroat or tiger trout under 15 inches, and no more than 1 may be a cutthroat or tiger trout over 22 inches. Trout may not be filleted and the heads or tails may not be removed in the field or in transit.

Head south from Panguitch on State Route 143, for 26.5 miles
260 miles from Salt Lake City
220 Miles from Provo

GPS Coordinates: 37.7155° -112.642°

Elevation: 8,217 feet

Depth: 66 feet

Primary Species
Rainbow trout, brown trout, and brook trout

Seasonal Factors
Ice fishing is usually very good here.

Lures and Techniques
Float tubers do well here during summer. Boat anglers have success with pop gear and a worm. During winter, try ice fishing with small jigs tipped with wax worms, Powerbait or cheese baits.

The stream below Panguitch Lake is small, but it offers good action for small trout. It crosses private property so avoid posted areas.