Fishing Marjorie Lake

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I recently read your article about fishing Marjorie Lake. My friends and I enjoy this lake for the fishing, scenery, and small crowds. We typically catch grayling and brook trout with some going as large as 13". We haven't caught one near the 14" you wrote about. We typically catch them from a float tube using WB's, leeches, and nymps. One evening I decided to try fishing from the dam and was able to catch a fish on nearly every cast with just about any fly. Weir lake also offers some fast action for 7-10" brookies in the morning from shore. The cutthroats in Island and Duck seem to be more selective and my success there has been minimal. The only bad outing I have had at Marjorie occurred on a very windy day with lots of cloud cover.

Another note, many of these lakes (marjorie, wier, duck, and others) which are held back by dams are no longer operated as water supply reservoirs. As part of the mitigation for building Jordanelle reservoir the Uinta mountain reservoirs were modified to be inflow/outflow lakes and not operated for water storage. This excludes Trial, Washington, and Lost lakes which are still used for water storage.

Thanks for the article, I enjoyed reading it.