Old Techniques Work

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On Stream Below Trial Lake

While fishing in the Uintas about mid-July, I fished a stream that flowed from Trial Lake. Going under the road through a pipe and continuing on the other side was a pool deeper that most that I had seen. I fished this stream for about six days and in all that time every person that I saw fishing this stream was using just bait. While fishing this hole with bait, I noticed all of the baby rainbow trout swimming around, so I began to look through my tackle and I found a floating rainbow countdown rapala. I tied him on and threw him in. Wham! I actually got tired of catching fish.

After going back to camp and telling the other guys, I noticed that there were so many mosquitoes I couldn't stop slapping myself for 2 seconds. So, after going back to town, I thought, even though I had never used flies before and had doubts about then I figured why not get a couple of mosquitoes to see how they do.

After getting back to camp, I couldn't wait to get back to the stream. I had forgotten all about those mosquitoes. After throwing in everything that I thought might entice the fish and getting a few bites, I remembered, "Mosquitoes." But anything higher than 2 lb. test with a regular spinning outfit is extremely hard to cast tiny mosquitoes with no weight. Since I had 2 lb. test, I tied it on and whipping it out there. It landed where I wanted it. Before I could take up the slack 2 cutthroats went for it but missed. I kept casting and I will never forget that day. I had never caught so many cutthroats.

It just goes to show that if you'll take the time to try something new that you never have before, it will sometimes payoff.