Posted May 22, 2018

Fishing can be very fast at Utah Lake when the white bass span, which usually happens in early May. Sometimes you can catch a fish on every cast. In past years the white bass have been pretty small, but fishing pressure is thinning the population a bit and so some nice sized fish are being caught this year.

The fish move into the river inlets to spawn, and along the shoreline in the Lincoln Beach area. The Provo River inlet is the most popular spot but American Fork and Lindon harbors also draw crowds. During the spawn, look for concentrations of fishermen and you will find good action there. But be courteous. Often there will be decent action in other nearby areas and it is great fun to get away from the crowds and fish your own sweet spot.

Fish can be caught on many different small lures and jigs. Bright colors seem to be effective.

There is an active Facebook fishing group, Utah Anglers Report, and members have been good to share info on successful places and techniques for white bass. Some members are less willing to share good info on other species, and they can be downright rude to each other. It is the Internet, after all. But they have been generous on white bass info. Here are some examples.

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