Crappie are most active when the water reaches 55 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit, so the best fishing will come toward the middle or later part of May, and continue into June.

Look for crappie in the shallow bays, near weeds or willows. Go after them with small, green or white colored jigs rigged three or four feet below a bobber. Just cast out toward the weeds and wait for the crappie to pull your bobber under. The wave action will give the jig a gentle action. Or gradually retrieve, watching for the strike.

Crappie have soft mouths, so don't jerk too hard when you set the hook. Just raise your rod in a firm, steady movement.

Crappie provide a great way to teach kids how to fish. They may be found throughout the reservoir, and can be readily caught from shore or boat.

There are also a good number of bluegill, bass and black bullheads in Pineview. Throw a worm down to the bottom and a Bullhead catfish will almost certainly find it. The bullheads aren't big, but they are fun to catch and provide fast action for impatient kids.

Willard Bay, north of Ogden, is another good spot for crappie, as well and walleye and big channel cats. Good numbers of crappie have been found in both marinas on Willard.

In the south, try Quail Creek Reservoir, north of St. George, and Lake Powell. A new state-record crappie was recently caught at Quail Creek.

There are also crappie in Cutler near Logan. Action can be good at times.