Doug Hoopes spent years guiding on the Provo River — and knows the stream as well as anyone.

Below are eight of his favorite Provo River patterns -- four nymphs, three dry flies and a streamer -- with his hints on how to fish them.

1. Pheasant Tail Nymph - Can be fished at various depths, often good close to the surface (between two inches and two feet below the surface).

2. Prince Nymph - Fish it slow.

3. Gold ribbed hare's ear - Fish slow and near the bottom.

4. Chamois caddie - Fish slow, near the bottom. Try a dead drift, or bounce it.

Fish the edges of the river. The water level is lower now, and the fish often feed in toward shore. People wade right out where they are feeding. Stalk the fish. Wade quietly, so you don't spook them. Wear muted colors. Whites or bright colors can spook them.

Spawners will be moving into gravely areas where they build nests (called reads). Leave the spawners alone, but look for aggressive fish nearby. Don't wade through the reads!

5. Small Adams - Sizes 14-16.

6. Goddard caddie - Floats like a cork, and simulates an adult caddie. Sizes 14-16.

7. Elk hair caddie - Sizes 14-16, in light colors.

8. Micky Finn - Often good during November, when bigger fish are aggressive near spawning beds.