Good Fishing Close to the Wasatch Front

If you are looking for some fast and fun ice fishing this winter then Currant Creek Reservoir has to be on your list of places to visit. The fall fishing at Currant Creek was fantastic and the ice fishing should be just as good or better.

To get to Currant Creek, act just like you are going to Strawberry but keep on going. Drive past Strawberry and head on aown the other side of the mountain toward Fruitland. Near the bottom of the canyon, there is a sign pointing the way to Currant Creek.

You'll have to drive about 10 miles on a dirt road to get to the dam and another 6 or 7 miles if you want to get in all the way to the campground. The road is usually snowpacked but passable. You'll probably feel safer in a four wheel drive.

Fish with any of the standard ice fishing baits to catch the abundant, small rainbows but if you want to go after the big rainbows and cutthroat you will have to fish with jigs that imitate minnows. You might even tip your lure with fish meat or a small minnow. (Remember — fishing with live minnows is against the law in Utah!)

The deep water right around the dam usually holds lots of fish but you will have to experiment to determine which depth the fish win be holding at. Don't just fish right on the bottom.

If you have a portable fish finder, determining where the fish are and the depth to fish will be pretty easy.

The trout limit on the reservoir in 1991 is 8 fish and the restriction on the cutthroat trout has been removed.

While you are out at Currant Creek be sure to stop at the Bandanna Ranch and check out the 5 acre ranchettes. With Strawberry on the way back and with the fantastic fishing at Currant Creek, a cabin on the Bandanna Ranch could set you up for some mighty fun fishing trips. Be sure to call for an appointment before you go and then get out and have a good trip.