With the rise in popularity of ice fishing, many pattems of ice flies have made an appearance. In this article we look at some which are very effective, and easy to tie.

Many ice flies are fitted with a brass bead for weight. Be sure to use real brass because the glass or plastic beads will not sink quickly enough.

These flies are fished more like a jig than typical fly. Just let them sink and give them a little up and down motion.

Once you find out how deep the fish are, remember the depth because in winter trout tend to be more "schooly."

When choosing materials, pick items that have a lot of motion. Things like marabou and rabbit strips tend to work very well. Also, some amount of flash always seems to be helpful.

Colors are also important, with white, yellow and chartreuse being the most popular. However, red and black are also very popular.

The best hooks have a large gap. Scud hooks and smaller stinger style hooks in sizes from 10-14 work well.

When tying these pattems, make them on the sparse side. Thinner is usually better.

The following patterns are some local favorites that my customers have been requesting.

You can tie this one in any color, but white with a chartreuse mix seems to be the most popular.

Hook: 3906, #10
Tail: White marabou
Body: White dubbing
Rid: Gold wire
Collar: Rabbit, with chartreuse flash-a-bou dubbing
Head: Brass bead
This pattern is very effective on Fish Lake and Scofield.
Also tie some without the wing.

Hook: 3906, #10
Tail: White marabou
Body: Pearl mylar tinsel
Collar: Ostrich herl
Wing: Marabou
Head: Brass bead
Use this one when the fish are deep.

Hook: 3906, #10
Tail: Rabbit fur, white
Body: Light grey dubbing
Collar: Partridge soft hackle
Thorax: Black budding
Head: Red lead eyes

Hook: 3906, #10
Tail: Mono flash
Body: Larva lace
Collar: Peacock herl
Head: Brass Bead