I just today received my Dec. 15 issue of UTAH FISHING Magazine. I have been thru it cover to cover this afternoon and enjoyed it very much.

Being an ice fisherman from many years ago, I read the article on ice fishing and I am very pleased with your analysis of things to do, precautions to take, as well as the way to dress and the equipment to use.

I found this article to be very accurate. I have been thru all the inconveniences of ice fishing, and have had a lot of hard knocks trying to find the right way.

Not having been ice fishing in a few years, and having relocated to Utah a couple of years ago, I had to give it a try last year. Not having any ice fishing gear, I had to go out and buy new equipment. It does not cost extremely much to equip oneself, only a cheap fishing pole and reel combo or even a child's starter package. It works perfectly well and can be purchased for about $11, or cheaper on sale after Christmas.

I use this type as well as the mentioned tip-up. I find the latter works very well for snow-covered ice. The flag type is my choice. The short pole works a little easier on ice not covered with snow. The short pole does require some sort of pole holder, though, if you don't want to hold it in your hand all the time.

I nearly lost a pole last year from not having a holder and placing it over my bait box. Fortunately, it caught on the lower level of ice, as I had used an old hole. If not for that I would have lost a $35 reel and a $25 pole. That's when I went out and bought the ice pole and tip-up. A lot cheaper to lose if you're not holding it right in your hand.

Because of this, I finally devised a poll holder of my own out of a piece of 2X6 and 2X4 to set the pole in. Very cheap to make and really does a fine job. I've had no trouble since and it won't slide down the hole.

The best advice I can give on ice fishing is to have hand warmers, snow boots and dress very warmly. Pick a time when the wind isn't likely to blow, and fish early morning and late afternoon. Have a happy time ice fishing. It's a great time and different, and very relaxing.

Now the purpose of my writing this letter. I realize we senior citizens get a reduction on our license, also free day fishing at Utah Parks and Recreation areas. What I'd like to know is why we can't get a reduction on overnight camping at these parks. I am an ardent night fisher for catfish.

I would like to have access to parks with a reduction, such as the BLM and Forest Service have. I'm sure all seniors as myself would like an answer. As a general rule, the Utah Parks and Recreation Division fees are much higher than the BLM and Forest Service. A lot of us would use the Utah parks more, I believe, if we had this opportunity at a lower rate.

There is some good catfishing all over the state that could be reached by more of us on fixed incomes if it were a little less expensive, especially with the current price of gasoline.

I want to congratulate you on the new 1991 Fishing Rules. Very informative and more exciting to read than the previous proclamations, particularly the colored pictures and explanations of fish. I have read it cover to cover already. I am sure the recipients of it will be more than glad to use the advertisers to help curtail the expense. I hope the next proclamations are like this one.