Smallmouth and largemouth fishing is now very good at Lake Powell when the water warms between storm fronts. Bass are looking for nesting sites and spawning is expected as early as next week. Anglers cruise shorelines looking for big fish and then cast to them - for exciting sight-fishing action. Wayne Gustaveson expects very good action to continue into May. Here's a quote:


The good news about early warming and small runoff is that sight fishing for cruising and nesting bass may be prolonged into May. Bass nests made this week may still be visible and only a foot or two deeper during May. Bass fishing will be good enough that all anglers will be successful. So remember to release largemouth bass and male smallmouth bass that are guarding nests. It is fine to keep smallmouth bass 12 inches and smaller.


Stripers are so fat, they are not expected to make their normal spring move in large numbers toward the dam. They can be caught in the backs of canyons and along the side of the main channel.


Read Wayne's full fishing report.


The warm spring has seasonal changes occurring a week or two earlier than normal. To hit the best fishing, I'm moving my Powell trip to the last week of April. I still have room in the boat if anyone is interested.


- Dave Webb