Here's a great recipe for chukar partridge, courtesy of Garth Carter, DWR Cedar City Information Manager. Garth says any game bird or chicken or turkey breast can replace the chukar in this recipe.

Cut up chukars into frying-size pieces. Pre-heat a large dutch over. Layer in half to one pound of sliced bacon, cut into four-inch strips. When the bacon is sizzling, add one cup chopped onion and a pint of fresh, sliced mushrooms. Stir the ingredients until the bacon is fully cooked. Add enough chukar pieces to feed your hungry crew. Brown the meat. Scrub (don't peel) plenty of potatoes. Cut them into fourths or sixths and add them to the pot (these are called "cowboy potatoes"). Add two cans of cream of chicken soup and one can of water. Cook until meat is tender and potatoes are done.

A reminder: as the Dutch oven cooks away, remember to stir the contents about every five minutes. This prevents any hot spot burning and, according to Garth, "creates a tremendous hunger among the onlookers."