Camping in Great Basin National Park

Primitive camping facilities within the Park are located along Snake Creek and Strawberry Creek Roads. Picnic tables and fire pits are provided at most sites. A few Snake Creek sites have pits toilets. Creek water should be treated before using. Drinking water is available at the dump station near the Visitor Center from late spring through early fall. In winter water is available at the Visitor Center.

All park camping is on a first come, first served basis; no advance reservations can be made. Campsites cannot be "saved" or reserved for friends or relatives who may be arriving at a later time. There are also places to camp outside the park. Pets must be kept on a leash (6' or less in length) and/or under control at all times. Pets are not allowed on the trails.

Lower Lehman Campground

Elevation: 7,300 feet (2200 meters), 11 campsites, pit toilets, a limited number of pull through sites for small RV's and trailers, 2 1/2 miles from Visitor Center. Open all year, water is available only in the summer.

Upper Lehman Campground

Elevation: 7,800 feet (2400 meters), 24 campsites, water, pit toilets, one accessible site for small RV or Trailer. Three miles from Visitor Center. Approximate season opening dates: May through October. Water available in summer only.

Wheeler Peak Campground 

Elevation: 9,950 feet (3000 meters), 37 campsites, water, pit toilets, one accessible site, 12 miles from Visitor Center. The road is narrow and curvy and climbs approximately an 8% grade over the 12 miles. RV's and trailers are not recommended. Approximate season opening dates: late May or early June through September. Water available in summer only.

Baker Creek Campground 

Elevation: 7,700 feet (2350 meters), 32 campsites, water, pit toilets, 2 accessible sites, 3 miles from Visitor Center. Approximately season opening dates: May through October. Water available in summer only. On a gravel road.

Grey Cliffs Group Campground 

No water, pit toilets. Access by a gravel road. Call the park at (775) 234-7331 for more information, fees, and reservations.

Important Information


Build fires only in established fire pits and do not leave unattended.


Only dead wood fallen to the ground may be collected for firewood, cutting is prohibited. No collecting of any Bristlecone Pine wood and/or wood above 10,000' is permitted.

Keep a clean camp

Pack out all waste. Ditching or leveling of the ground is prohibited. Please do not wash dishes or hands at water spigots.

Late fall, winter, and early spring weather dictates the availability of campsites and water. For more information on opening and closing dates call the Park at 775-234-7331.