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Overview: This is one of the nicer mostly undeveloped hot springs in Utah. Several springs flow into three nice pools that are open for soaking. The smallest is just a bit bigger than a hot tub and the largest is not much bigger than a motel swimming pool. The largest is deep enough for limited diving and it is home to interesting aquarium-style fish.

The pools are enjoyable year-round.

Location: Central Utah southwest of the town of Meadow (just south of Fillmore). Lat: 38.864692; Long: -112.505389

Access: The pools are on private property but are open to the public. Access is free but "please donate" signs are visible near the pools, with tubes where you can leave money. The property owner is likely to continue to allow public access as long as people respect the property and keep trash picked up.

The access road is good gravel. It may be snowpacked for a time immediately after winter storms but you can easily drove to the pools most days of the year.

There are no buildings (no bathrooms, no changing areas), no facilities of any kind.

Directions: Going south on I-15, you get off at the Meadow exit (number 158), follow Main Street south (out of town) for a mile and a half until you reach a nice, gravel road heading west. Follow that road west for approximately 5 miles (over the top of I-15) until it ends in a dirt parking area with wooden fence and path that leads over to the hot springs.

The pools are fenced off from the surrounding range. You can find the three distinct pools by looking for the log fences surounding them. You can drive to the first pool (smallest) and to the largest pool. If road conditions are dry and you have a high clearance vehicle you may be able to drive to the middle pool; if not, it is a short, easy walk.

Here is a description by Xanthe Webb, who enjoys the springs:

The Meadow Hot Springs are a great option for relaxing for a for hours, or for stopping there on your way down or up from Southern Utah. It is a short drive from the freeway and makes a fast getaway to some relaxing water. The water is extremely clear and you can see a good 20 or so feet down. It is one of the nicer hot pots out there, seeing as how it doesn't smell like sulfur and generally isn't too crowded. The water is a pleasant 100 degrees or so, not too hot or too chilly.

The public does a decent job at cleaning up after the partiers who leave their trash there. There are garbage bins in the parking lot nearby and from what I've seen, most people make it enjoyable for themselves and others to soak there.