Baker Hot Springs offers a fun spot to soak in naturally hot mineral water in the desert northwest of Delta, Utah. It is accessible year-round.

The springs originate in a marshy area and a ditch brings the hot water down into three old concrete tubs. The tubs are not big – two people can soak per tub in comfort. Three or more can fit in if you don't mind being cozy.

There is also a cold-water spring here and so hot and cold water mix in the pools. Makeshift cloth dams allow you to control the amount of hot water, to optimize temperature. I visited in mid-January and when I arrived the first pool was too hot for me. The middle pool was just right. The third pool was covered with algae and did not look appealing. Its water was a little cool for my taste.

If you change the water flow, diverting more or less hot water into a tub, it will take some time before the temperature changes. If you want to do that, be prepared to spend some time at the springs.

This is a sage brush desert – no trees around. A black lava ridge runs along the road just west of the springs. People camp in the area and there is a nice fire ring adjacent to the tubs.

If you are in the Delta/Topaz Mountain area, it is worth spending some time at the springs. But this isn't enough of an attraction to justify driving miles just to soak, in my opinion. Meadow Hot Springs is better and is more conveniently located.

This one really is in the middle of nowhere, but it does get visits and patrons are advised to wear swimsuits. That said, if you are there after dark you may encounter nudity.

The Intermountain Power Plant is visible from the springs but is not a big distraction. At night, skies here are dark and stars are bright.





From Hwy 6 between Delta and Lynndyl, turn west onto the paved and signed Brush Wellman Road (SR 174). Drive that road west for about 18 miles, past the Intermountain Power Plant, to the signed dirt road that leads up to the springs. Turn drive north for about 6 miles to the springs, which are obvious from the road. The dirt road is maintained and is passable by any vehicle.