saratoga hot springs

saratoga hot springs

By Xanthe Aintablian (published June 10, 2018)

Saratoga Hot Springs is located in Saratoga Springs, Utah, near the north end of Utah Lake. It is near the center of town, with close access to Redwood Road. To access it from I-15, take exit 278 and follow UT-145 west for a little more than 3.5 miles. Turn south onto Saratoga Road and follow for almost 2 miles until you reach Inlet Park.

Parking for the hot springs is located at Inlet Park. The path begins near the restrooms and starts out paved, turning to dirt about ½ way there. The path is approximately ⅓-mile long. Jogging strollers or wheelchairs with sturdy, large tires could make it all the way there.

The large hot spring is surrounded by tall cattails on all sides, but has plenty of room in a large dirt area for placing your things. Placing your things on a tarp is a good way to prevent your belongings from getting dirty, especially if there is any chance of rain or snow.

The hot spring itself is large enough for several families or groups to relax at once. The water is just below 100 degrees fahrenheit, making it warm and relaxing, even on cold days, but not too hot for children. The area smells a little of sulfur, as most hot springs do, but it isn’t overwhelming. The mud in the hot spring and around is a very soft, fine silt material. The large pool is shallow enough that adults can sit with their head above water in almost every area, and small children can stand and touch in most areas.

There is a smaller hot spring almost directly south of the larger one. The path to it begins on the southeast side of the clearing for the larger hot spring. It is about as warm, and possibly a little muddier, but a good option if the large one is full.

There is also a path leading from the east side of the hot spring that goes straight to the edge of the lake several yards away.

Weekday afternoons are almost empty, there is a good chance you could have it to yourself for a few minutes before someone else arrives. Weekend evenings, it will probably be full of people, but still fun and worth it. Most people are wonderful at cleaning up their trash and belongings.

Be aware that wildlife exists around this area. Snakes often creep up to the warm water during chilly mornings or evenings. Be aware and respect their space.