Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources provided this news report.

Biologists from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and volunteers from the Mule Deer FoundationRocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife are working together to feed deer in parts of northern Utah where prolonged snowfall and extremely cold temperatures are taking a toll on herds. Thanks to everyone involved. Photos provided by Greg Sheehan and Wes Pearce from DWR.

Though we appreciate the public's concern for Utah's deer, we're urging you not to feed deer on your own. Deer have complex and delicate digestive systems, and when fed the wrong food, the animal can actually starve to death. Deer pellets you can buy in stores are among the items you shouldn't feed to deer. Learn more: http://go.usa.gov/x97Y2

Since deer congregate around feeding spots, where they are more easy to find and see, law enforcement will patrol those areas to discourage poachers.

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