Humans have lived uninterrupted on this site for some 5,000 years, longer than any other place in the southwest region. It was settled by the basketmaker people, Ancestral Puebloans, but is inhabited today by Dine/Navajo groups, who manage the land with the National Parks Service. It features very impressive ancient ruins.


  • Visitor center: see orientations and information on trails.

  • Scenic drives: 3 overlooks located on the North Rim, 7 on the South Rim. Each rim takes about 2 hours to drive and explore.

  • Self-guided hikes and ranger led hikes: self-guided hikers can find a public trail located at the White House Overlook on the South Rim.

  • Private guides offer tours of the canyon via vehicle, hiking, and even horseback.


Canyon De Chelly is located three miles east of Chinle, AZ, on Hwy 191. Nearby attractions include Petrified Forest NP, Navajo National Monument, and Monument Valley National Tribal Park.