There are two main attractions at the Little Colorado Navajo Tribal Park, which is located along Hwy 64 between Cameron and the Grand Canyon, in northern Arizona.

1. Outstanding scenery looking down into the Little Colorado gorge. The canyon is narrow and deep, with sheer walls, and the overlook is reminiscent of vistas at Grand Canyon itself.

2. Navajo vendors selling arts and crafts items. Artists set up many "boutiques" at the park and sell all kinds of crafts and art items - from turquoise jewelry to rugs to sand paintings.

It is always fun to talk to the artists and have them tell you about their works.

Most of the items displayed in the booths are low cost items made in mass to sell to tourists. They are made by genuine Navajo craftsmen using traditional materials.

If you are interested in finer quality art, made with careful workmanship, unique designs and top quality materials, talk to the artists in the booths and let them know what you are seeking. Some will arrange to show you more impressive and valuable items.