I've been hearing reports of a monster tiger trout caught through the ice at Scofield Reservoir. And it now appears the fish is a new Utah record.

Brett Prettyman tracked down details and published them in this blog. Here are a couple quotes:

The monster trout, officially weighed and measured today by a DWR fisheries biologist at the Springville office, shattered the record set last year, tipping the scales at 18 pounds and four ounces. The tiger, a hybrid between a brook and a brown trout, was 32 3/4 inches long and caught by Chris Nilson of Benjamin.

"That's a heck of fish and not that far from the world record," (DWR's Justin) Hart said of the 18-pounder. "I'd be curious to know if that was one of the first fish we stocked in 2005. If it is, imagine what we might see if those fish live a couple more years?"

Read his complete report.