Don Allphin enjoyed some good largemouth bass fishing last week at Sand Hollow Reservoir near St George. He described his trip in this article in the Provo Herald. Here are a couple of interesting quotes:

We began fishing on a grassy flat in 25 feet of water. As I lowered by trolling motor into the water and the fish finder registered the bottom, bass began to show up in very good numbers. I spotted a nice group of fish in 26 feet, turned to tell Sackett there were fish under the boat just as he set the hook on a very scrappy 2-pound bass. Before I could grab the net to land his fish, my own rod dipped and I also hooked a nice bass. Within a minute of beginning our day, we had a two-fish limit.

The rest of the day was just like the first few minutes. We caught just over 40 fish and had an incredible time basking in the sun and catching bass. We caught fish on blue gill colored jigs, tubes and drop shot worms in 20-to-30 feet of water.

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