This is a fine, old, historic trading post that gives you the chance to see and buy a wide range of items made by local Navajo craftsmen. The main trading post includes a large shop with thousands of products, ranging from trinkets produced in mass to true craft items made in traditional ways using time-proven materials and methods.

Also on site is a gallery that allows you to see, and if you have the funds you can buy, fabulous native artworks including high-quality silver and turquoise jewelry, large hand-crafted rugs and other items. Some of the items displayed are old and are museum-quality.

There is a nice restaurant offering Navajo tacos, other cultural cuisine, plus hamburgers, fries and normal Western American fare.

And there is a lodge on site that complements the historic buildings and offers a true Navajo atmosphere.

This is a place where you can mingle with Native American and have a genuine Navajo experience.