Hiking Grandeur Peak

Grandeur Peak is perhaps the easiest and funest of the hikes leading to peaks overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. The well-maintained trail beings at the north end of Church Fork Campground, about 3.2 miles up Mill Creek Canyon from Wasatch Blvd.

Length: 2.75 miles one way.

Difficulty: Moderate, a few steep slopes; one area with loose gravel.

Attraction: Beautiful scenery, from start to finish. You begin along a stream, in a dense forest — great scenery from the moment you get out of your car. Tree branches form a canopy over you head in many areas. Views of the surrounding mountains and the Salt Lake Valley are superb.

Best time to hike: It's great any time, but fall is best. This is one of the best fall colors hikes around. When the snow flies, it's a great place to develop winter recreation skills.

Other factors: This is a good hike for kids, or people who aren't in top shape. The lower end is easy and fun. Go until you are tired. This is also a popular area to hike with dogs (allowed here but not in the Cottonwood canyons). You will probably encounter dogs and dog feces along the trail.

The road is paved to the trailhead parking area. A sign marks the start of the trail. The trail follows an old road at the extreme lower end, then becomes a footpath. Several trails branch off. The Grandeur Peak is the widest and most used trail in the area, except the Pipeline Trail, which is actually an old road that crosses Grandeur on the lower end. The Pipeline is popular with mountain bikers and cross country skiers.