By: Xanthe Webb
Age 13

The scenic views started even before we entered the National Park and extended all the way up to Arches and beyond.

Arches (especially Delicate Arch) have always been very popular destinations for hikers. On the day we visited it seemed to be over crowded. It wasn’t uncomfortable but if you like deserted areas, or like to be alone with just your group, you should choose an unpopular day when people are at work and not on vacation.

It was a little chilly early in the morning but amazingly warm for wintertime!

For maybe half a mile or so there is a nice trail that is easy to walk, then it seems like you walk over a few boulders and all of the sudden you see a huge slab of solid mountain rock before you. That is the hardest part though, and you might get a few stomachaches. Once I got past that part I was a little frustrated. I kept thinking that it was almost over. We stopped a few times to tell people that there was still another half-mile or so to go.

Near the end of the hike you are led up a trail cut into the side of the cliff. There are even some nicely dug steps for you to make the hike easier.

It seems like the trail just keeps winding and winding around the mountain when you turn the corner and suddenly there is this whole beautiful valley before your eyes. Then you see what your whole hike has been based on, Delicate Arch, the most widely known arch there is! It sits on the very edge of the mountain and looks like at the slightest touch you could risk making it fall over.

The view and satisfaction at the end is what makes it worth it. (Which is good because there have been worse hikes, but this one could give you a headache.)

So my last word is: “It was worth it and make sure you bring a water bottle!”