Every winter dozens of bald eagles congregate at Farmington Bay, Willard Bay, at spots along the Weber River and in other areas through Utah. They are easy to see and fun to watch. People can often get great photos of the birds as they come in to roost every afternoon.


The Salt Lake Tribune has this article about a recent eagle watching activity at Farmington Bay. Below are excerpts.

Organized by HawkWatch International, Saturday’s event drew everyone from 6-year-olds to retirees who peered into long scopes to see the iconic birds at rest. Farmington Bay is known as a destination for the birds who often spend several months there during the winter after flying south from Canada or Alaska.

“There’s a lot of carp that’s readily accessible to them and the bay gets large ice blocks in it so the birds will sit on the ice and fish,” said Nikki Wayment, HawkWatch community manager, noting the birds are also found in other parts of the state.

HawkWatch, a conservation group, regularly organizes these kinds of events to educate the community.

It is also easy to see the birds on your own. Just drive backroads in those areas and keep your eyes open.