Utah Ice Fishing Report

Scofield now has some safe ice with good to great fishing. Ice may be thin in spots so use caution.

Currant Creek probably has safe ice. Have not yet heard for sure.

Mill Hollow probably has safe ice.

Highway 150 and other Uinta Mountain roads are mostly closed because of snow. You can snowmobile into some lakes for early ice fishing.

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8-Year-Old Catches Idaho Record Rainbow

36.5 Inch gerrard rainbow from Lake Pend Oreille36.5 Inch gerrard rainbow from Lake Pend Oreille

idaho record rainbow

Strawberry Reservoir Utah

Walleye Fishing

We have many excellent articles describing how to fish for walleye in Utah.

Green River Fishing

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Below are highlights.

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Food For Camping

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We recommend SouthwestAdventureTours.com for guided Utah National Park Tours.