National Park Tours - Guided or self-guided tours to national parks and other scenic areas in the American Southwest. Jason and his staff are excellent, and are good friends. - Info on National parks and other major destinations in the SW US.

550 Paracord - best selection, best prices

For camping food we recomment Mountain House pouches - tasty entrees, freeze-dried and easy to prepare.

Utah food storage company with great selection and the best prices.

Scenic, photography, and adventure tours by

Big Fish Tackle Utah discussion board has excellent, timely info

Waynes Words has the best-ever info on fishing Lake Powell

Utah DWR has fishing reports, proclamations, etc

Stonefly Society fly fishing club.

Salmon Eye Charters, great salmon and halibut fishing off Vancouver Island, BC.

Beaver Creek Lodge is a great choice for
- Bear Lake Area Snowmobiling
- Bear Lake Area Horseback Riding
- Bear Lake Area Family Reunions
It is a top-notch operation. I know the people and their facilities. They buy an entire fleet of brand new top-of-the-line snowmobiles ever season.