Uintas North Slope, Evanston, Hwy 150 Cabins

This is a very popular recreational area and many cabins are located here.

Hwy 150 cuts through the area as it comes off the North Slope of the Uintas heading toward Evanston, WY. The highway provides access to many small lakes, streams and trailheads, where activities like fishing, hiking, backpacking, horsepacking, hunting and ATV riding are very popular. Deep snow covers this area during winter and it is a major snowmobile playground.

Cabin lots in this area often border Forest Service property and are just a short distance away from the High Uintas Wilderness Area. Many are located along Hwy 150, near the Utah/Wyoming border.

This area is about 125 miles from Salt Lake City via Evanston (98 miles via Kamas and then over the mountains).